About The Studio

Working closely with her students, Maria Gobetti teaches the Meisner basics technique on an individual basis – while also employing available video facilities. Her classes are small – allowing only the best and most dedicated actors. This exclusivity is advantageous in that it gives all the actors an opportunity to work in every class.

“Learning how to act is hard work. You have to learn many techniques. But once you’ve mastered a technique, you can begin to really fly as an artist.”Maria Gobetti

The course of study includes basic, intermediate and advanced classes, cold reading and commercials plus an interview technique class. Gobetti also combines teaching with an active career as both a producer and director.

“As a director, you must cast actors who know what they are doing. This is especially true when working with new material – I need actors who have an experience level that makes it comfortable for them to collaborate with the director and playwright. I think if you are asking actors to bring their souls to the stage – you need to nurture the experience.”

As a member of the D.G.A., Gobetti has coached and directed at most of the major studios, as well as directing and project development at Hanna-Barbera, the Brillstein Company and Disney TV. She teaches at Cal State LA LACHSA, The New York Film Academy, and of course at the Gobetti/Ormeny Acting Studio located in the Victory Theatre Center.