Our Vision

To create community through theatre.

The Victory Theatre Center is recognized as an inclusive multi-disciplinary venue that champions and challenges artists to move audiences with new works from new voices through dramaturgy and theatrical world premieres. These events serve as an intellectual and emotional touchstone of expression –a place where audiences can share in a deeper sense of humanity.                  


Our Mission

To develop new plays, produce world premieres & significant revivals by American playwrights, and to foster the emergence of new talent.

All of the theatrical arts are fostered through productions, dramaturgical workshops, acting classes, directing and technical seminars. The Victory Theatre Center engages in creative partnerships and productions, which dramatize current social, political and economic issues. The events are designed to engage its artists – as well as to educate, challenge and entertain its audiences.

The VTC is a small theatre, but what’s experienced here is large. Small space cultivates closeness; shared experience creates connection and community. Our mission is to be a creative hub for audiences and artists to engage with one another through ground-breaking theatrical productions, educational opportunities, and social events in an intimate setting that can’t help resulting in intoxicating conversation.


The VTC recognizes that a system of systemic racism has informed whose stories are told in the process of making theatre. We acknowledge that silence and neutrality are actions of complicity, and we are committed to anti-racist theatre.

We recognize arts play a critical role in our culture as well as the national conversation. To accept responsibility for positive change in theatre, we commit ourselves to the work of becoming an anti-racism and anti-oppression organization, and will work to end racial inequities in our industry and therefore our culture.

Anti-racism is a core value and we are making it a central aspect of our standards of excellence. Our commitment fighting racism includes listening to and including People of the Global Majority (PGM) in the plays we select and the artists and crew we employ, thus strengthening connections with global majority communities.

In an effort to be better and broaden the voices represented by and included in our work, we commit ourselves to the work of becoming an actively anti-racist organization, and to creating a culture of inclusivity and equity. We commit ourselves to the following Anti-Racism, Equity, and Inclusion guidelines:

Artistic Development

We commit to creating a safe and welcoming workspace for all artists of any race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, religion, national origin, citizenship status, disability, ancestry, marital status, veteran status, or medical condition. All humans are welcome.

We will maintain a zero-tolerance policy for accepting donation dollars from individuals or companies which knowingly uphold racism or racist practices.

We commit to an increase in recruiting and representation of PGM (People of the Global Majority) and under-represented designers and artists, and create more opportunities for them to join VTC production teams, aiming ultimately for genuine equity of representation.

We commit to seeking out works that represent the racial and cultural diversity of our community.

We will apply a rigorous anti-racist lens to new work development and our play selection process.

Our breakdowns will be written and edited with an eye and ear toward upholding anti-racism, equity, and inclusion, and avoiding thoughtless triggers.

We will conduct a rigorous review of casting for every role in our season, keeping cultural specificity and other appropriate considerations in mind.

We will prioritize using dramaturgs/cultural consultants for culturally specific shows.

A representative from each production will be chosen as deputy to ensure that VTC's Anti-Racism, Equity and Inclusion Policy is upheld and maintained.

Board of Directors

We will prioritize anti-racism practices in our governance of the institution.

We will increase representation of PGM and historically under-represented persons on the Board, and diversify our donor base.

Representatives from the Board will serve on a company accountability task force to ensure that VTC's Anti-Racism, Equity, and Inclusion Policy is upheld and maintained.


We will examine our approach to the audience in order to ensure, over time, that our audiences more accurately reflect the city of Los Angeles.

We commit to being open to discussion about this policy, and being held accountable by our community and our colleagues. This statement is the beginning of our improvement, not the end.


We acknowledge that we are living and working on the unceded territory of the Tongva and the Kizh people who are the original stewards of this land. We understand that achieving healing and reconciliation will require a long and sustainable commitment; this  land acknowledgment is only a first step, but we hope it will help to raise awareness about histories that are often suppressed or forgotten, though very present all around us. We encourage you to look up what land you work on and live on and continue to learn about the indigenous people who made their homes in and around the area we now call Los Angeles.