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at the Big Victory Theater

Home Front

Extended Run: Feb 16th-19th
Feb 25th and 26th

HOME FRONT is the history of an interracial love affair by Tony Award-winning playwright Warren Leight. An African American soldier and a white woman fall in love the night World War II ends -- a time of euphoria for Americans after years of devastating conflict. Can that sense of good will and new beginnings wipe away the racial mistrust and discrimination in a country still deeply mired in the Jim Crow Era?



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Big Victory

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Join us for the West Coast Premiere of:

Home Front

Previews: Jan. 7, 8, 2023
Opens: Jan. 13, 14, 15, 2023

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Voices For Victory

A forum for BIPOC playwrights
Hard Soil by Maximillian Gill

A contemporary take on The Bacchae, Hard Soil is a bold but lighthearted piece in which the Greek god of wine, DIONYSUS, is a gender non-conforming deity who is called upon by RUBY and IRIS, who are partners both in life and in their life's dream: a welcoming winery. The couple asks for the help of this sometimes troublesome but always amusing god, as they are being pushed out of their business by the surrounding conservative community.

Sunday, Dec. 18 at 5:30pm PST


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