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VISION:To create community through theatre.

MISSION:The VTC is a small theatre, but what’s experienced here is large. Small space cultivates closeness; shared experience creates connection and community. Our mission is to be a creative hub for audiences and artists to engage with one another through ground-breaking theatrical productions, educational opportunities, and social events in an intimate setting that can’t help resulting in intoxicating conversation.

FOR 37 YEARS, THE VICTORY THEATRE CENTER AUDIENCES have enjoyed award-winning, entertaining and thought-provoking productions in an intimate setting. This labor of love would not be possible without the generous support of our donors as revenue from ticket sales alone accounts for only 40% of our operating costs. As a contributor to the VTC, you enable the theatre’s commitment to performing arts to continue. With your donation, you are safeguarding the future of theatre in Los Angeles. We invite you to get involved today. Whether you are an individual or a corporate institution, there is a place in the The Victory Theatre Center Circle of Friends for you. The role you play as a donor to The VTC is invaluable. We thank you for keeping us a driving force in the theatre community so that we may champion & challenge artists to move audiences with transformative works from new voices. We offer a number of benefits that will give you an inside look at how The Victory Theatre Center makes that happen. Meet the artists, see rehearsals, enjoy opening night receptions… be a part of the future of theatre.

RALPH’S COMMUNITY GIVING PROGRAM is also a GREAT way to all donate year round to The Victory Theatre just by shopping as usual for groceries at Ralph’s, and your bill isn’t effected!

The Victory is now enrolled with Ralph’s Community Giving Program. Ralph’s donates a percentage of your grocery bill all year long, and your bill isn’t effected in the least since the donation is coming from Ralph’s pocket – all thanks to YOU!

Please take a moment and go to Ralph’s  and register your loyalty card in the fields there. Then add The Victory Theatre Center as your charitable organization for Community Giving.

If you do not have access to the online sign-up method, please call 1-800-443-4438 to learn about the alternative sign-up method using our NPO number 90250.